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Barcelona issued a statement following a meeting of the club's board of directors the day before. They reported that they lost €481 million at the end of the 2020/2021 season. The board of directors has approved the club's budget for the current season in the amount of €765 million, but it must go through an additional approval process at the Assembly of Delegates. Make predictions on the forthcoming football matches with 1xBet top bookmakers in Nigeria and make money. On October 6, a full check of the club's affairs will be initiated to find those responsible for financial problems. The team seriously intends to sort out what happened in order to eliminate all difficulties in the upcoming season. Note that Barcelona plays four matches in September with: Granada; Cadiz; Levante in the Spanish Championship; Benfica in the Champions League. If the team does not achieve positive results, Laporta can dismiss Koeman. Register at the top 1xBet bookmakers in Nigeria and obtain access to all gambling services there.

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The vice-president of Barcelona, ​​Eduard Romeu, has commented on rumours about the possible resignation of the head coach of the club, Ronald Koeman. Romeu said that the issue of Kuman was not raised by the board of directors. They came across a very difficult opponent at the worst of times. He mentioned that by firing Kuman, they will take a step back and it would be illogical. Note that you may get an opportunity to make money on live bet by placing bets on forthcoming games of Barcelona. Earlier it was reported that several members of the board of directors of Barcelona demanded to dismiss Koeman. Last month, Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, questioned the wisdom of continuing to work with Koeman. The current agreement of the Dutch specialist with Barcelona is calculated until 2022. You may bet live 1xBet on the future games of the team that is under the guidance of Ronald Koeman.

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Note that in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, Barcelona crushingly lost to Bayern with a score of 0-3. Head coach of Barcelona, Ronald Koeman, has commented on the crushing defeat against Bayern. He said that he knows that they lack people in the attack and need to spend weeks to have more chances and faster speed. You may have fun online casino ng 1xBet while waiting for the next matches of Barcelona. Koeman also mentioned that it is difficult to play against a team like Bayern Munich without a lot of speed. The president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, was quite disappointed with the game. Last month he doubted the advisability of continuing cooperation with Koeman. The current agreement of the Dutch specialist with Barcelona is calculated until 2022. By the way, if you want to relax a little bit, you may play exciting video games at ng 1xBet online casino webpage.